Olivier Schrauwen - bandeau
Bandeau Couverture Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Since his debut thirty years ago, Jaime Hernandez (along with his brother Beto) hasn’t stopped influencing numerous generations of comic book writers, utterly seduced by the charms of those Locas in the pages of Love and Rockets. With The Love Bunglers (published in 2011) ou Browntown (2012), there is absolutely no doubt that he remains today as masterful and essential as ever.


Some Breath King Dossier de Xavier Guilbert

«Comic Art Lab Hits US for First Time in Minneapolis» — the story on KTSP’s news (the local ABC affiliate) kicks off with a bang, delivered with with typical American poise and confidence. Two years after what had been its last edition in the Royal Saltworks in Arc-et-Senans (France), Pierre, Feuille, Ciseaux, laboratoire de bande [...]

Sunny Couverture Matsumoto Taiyou

Matsumoto Taiyou Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

The Japanese manga production can often appear as extremely standardized, following the lead of the publishing powerhouses’ weekly and monthly magazines. Among what has undeniably become an industry, Matsumoto Taiyou emerges as a singular case: for a quarter of a century, he has been creating a highly personal and uniquely recognizable body of work, of which Sunny, his latest series, might well be the most intimate accomplishment.


Dorénavant, again Dossier de Balthazar Kaplan

At the Angoulême festival this year, there was talk of a young auteur, Brecht Evens, already lauded two years previous with the Prix de L’Audace. A number of his drawings were found in the Flemish comics exhibit “la boîte à Gand.” Seduced by his color work and the dazzling energy that animated his word, I [...]

HuudaHuuda Couverture Huuda Huuda

Huuda Huuda Entretien de Nicolas Verstappen

With the increase of interest in Nordic comics around the world over the last few years, it seemed a good opportunity to discuss with one of the emblematic figures of the Finnish alternative edition, and question the liveliness of this exciting production. Jelle Hugaerts, co-founder with Tommi Musturi of the audacious Finnish publishing house Huuda Huuda, shares his thoughts about the situation of comics in Finland today but also about sweating it out in the sauna of a public swimming pool with a bunch of naked beerbellied guys in complete silence…


Building Stories by Chris Ware

(This review can be read in any preferred order) Writing about Building Stories is somehow awe-inspiring : before typing the first sentence, the reviewer holds on for a moment, hesitating to jump in, just as he had gazed for quite a while at the box before opening it. Building Stories is intimidating on several levels. A [...]

A Black Woman Couverture Anton Kannemeyer

Anton Kannemeyer Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

When l’Association published the Bitterkomix anthology in early 2009, it brought to light the South-African comics magazine in all the strength of its fury and political charges. The panel at during the Angoulême Festival featuring Anton Kannemeyer and Conrad Botes, the two co-founders of the periodical, cemented (if there remained any doubt) the importance and accuracy of their vision. It is during the third edition of the artist residence PFC (Pierre Feuille Ciseaux, laboratoire de bande dessinée) that we had the chance to meet again with Joe Dog, soft-spoken as always, but still burning with the same fire.

BigQB Couverture Anders Nilsen

Anders Nilsen Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

For a long time, nobody knew if Anders Nilsen would bring the intriguing narrative of Big Questions to its conclusion, but the issues kept on coming, oh-so-slowly, year after year. Dogs and Water had provided a nice consolation, delivering an enigmatic journey through a desolate landscape. Now the magnus opus has been completed, and is available in the form of a hefty brick published by Drawn & Quarterly — the opportunity to look back on what might be the achievement of a lifetime.