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Bandeau2 Couverture Richard McGuire

Richard McGuire Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Twenty-five years later, Richard McGuire comes back to “Here”, a story like no other, initially published in the pages of RAW in 1989. In this twenty-five-year-span, the initial six pages have grown to become three hundred, without losing any of its singularity or its evocative power.

Olivier Schrauwen - bandeau Couverture Olivier Schrauwen

Olivier Schrauwen Entretien de Benoît Crucifix

Between anthologies and magazines, between self-publishing, small-press and big-shot publishers, Olivier Schrauwen’s work seems to be all over the place. Yet, he is already a key player on the international alternative scene. Fantagraphics recently published Arsène Schrauwen, a 300-page doorstop about the adventures of his grand-father in the ‘Colony’, told in a most unconventional fashion. The perfect opportunity to set on mapping new territories.

Yekini - bandeau

Yekini, le roi des arènes by Lisa Lugrin & Clément Xavier

Here is a book that brings together several genres together, complicating the borders between them but without dissolving any of them. This means that it’s actually possible to describe this book via those same genres, without missing the point. Yekini, le roi des arènes is then, at one time, a reportage book, a biography, a [...]

This One Summer - bandeau

This One Summer

Even if not everyone, many of us will share the experience of our teenage-years’ summers as neat narratives. Contrarily to the rest of the year, usually spent in the same environment with the same people time and again, and whose small differences are downplayed by the backdrop of sameness, summers have a definitive touch of [...]

Tom Gauld Couverture Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Those past two years have seen his first full-fledged graphic novel Goliath and the first collection of his Guardian cartoons You’re all just jealous of my jetpack — indeed, Tom Gauld has been particularly busy, and yet still manages to remain incredibly funny. And very, very British.

Les Schtroumpfs noirs - bandeau

Les Schtroumpfs noirs by Ilan Manouach

The détournement has been a staple of comics for quite some time. We do not mean plagiarism or an unexpected use of characters in new situations. Comics have been plagiarized from the get-go (Töpffer, with Cham and Obadiah Oldbuck) and sexual subversions have been also around for long (Tijuana Bibles, Air Pirates). We are talking [...]

978 - bandeau

978 by Pascal Matthey

Pascal Matthey is one of those authors who can’t stand still in one place, and has to move about through as many comics’ fields as he can. He has done some things that we can today consider somewhat conventional, to a certain extent, as his semi-autobiographical Pascal est enfoncé, but throughout his non-signed pieces in [...]

Tagame Gengoroh Couverture Tagame Gengoroh

Tagame Gengoroh Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Without a doubt, the works of Tagame Gengoroh hold a very special place among the huge manga production: gay, openly pornographic and SM, they regularly feature musculary, manly figures, with no resemblance to the androgynous ephebes that are the standard fare in yaoi books. Welcome to this terra incognita.