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Xavier Guilbert

Couverture Sammy Harkham

Sammy Harkham

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Does Sammy Harkham really needs any introduction? Both noted cartoonist (from Poor Sailor to Crickets) and famed Kramers Ergot editor, he had nevertheless maintained a low profile these past years, following the release in 2012 of a polarizing KE8 and a personal anthology with an ominous title (Everything Together)… that is, until 2015 came around, and became the stage for something of a re-invention.

Couverture Simon Moreton

Simon Moreton

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

With his fragile little stories, Simon Moreton follows in the steps of John Porcellino, sharing his attachement to self-publishing. After releasing the tenth and final issue of his ‘zine SMOO last year, it seemed a good opportunity to discuss his evolution so far, as well as his new project, Minor Leagues.

Couverture Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

With one foot in comics and the other in contemporary art, Aidan Koch is definitely a polymorphic artist who draws, sculpts, works on fabric, publishes littles books and makes installations. In every one of her projects, she works with fragile things, connects fragments, suggests impressions — building with every stroke a narrative that is both elegant and cristalline.

Couverture Mochizuki Minetarou

Mochizuki Minetarou

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Most of us discovered Mochizuki Minetarô with Dragonhead, a story as desperate as it was claustrophobic, where the end of the world had rarely been so bleak. He’s back now with Chiisakobe, with a narrative both luminous and delicate — and deeply Japanese. From darkness to light, the story of a metamorphosis.

Couverture Dylan Horrocks

Dylan Horrocks

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

As the second millenium was coming to an end, New Zealand brought us Hicksville, a touching declaration of love for comics. But after three promising issues of Atlas, nothing — Dylan Horrocks had vanished, facing what turned out to be a long crisis of faith… until the (almost) surprise release of Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen. Or how he stopped worrying and learned to love comics — again.

Couverture The inner worlds of Charles Burns

The inner worlds of Charles Burns

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

With his strong imagery where profound unease meets platic perfection, Charles Burns is definitely an artist one recognizes at first sight. Often compared to David Lynch, he took a decade to complete Black Hole, and just brought to conclusion (with Sugar Skull) the trilogy that began with X’d out. From Burroughs to Tintin, portrait of a creator haunted by his obsessions.

Couverture Richard McGuire

Richard McGuire

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Twenty-five years later, Richard McGuire comes back to “Here”, a story like no other, initially published in the pages of RAW in 1989. In this twenty-five-year-span, the initial six pages have grown to become three hundred, without losing any of its singularity or its evocative power.

Couverture Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld

Entretien de Xavier Guilbert

Those past two years have seen his first full-fledged graphic novel Goliath and the first collection of his Guardian cartoons You’re all just jealous of my jetpack — indeed, Tom Gauld has been particularly busy, and yet still manages to remain incredibly funny. And very, very British.